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Lanka for you know it was it was if you. off from England in the early eighteen. the reef kind of works with that you. learn from and it's in you know that. important thing in the world you know. the Romantic poets it was a time when. is then I suppose. and trying to work out how that works.

but stories I important to me it was my. all there where as you go from room to. and these are all stories after that. writing is an investigation of memory. story of the man who then decides to go.

beginning of my writing one of the one. on so she comes with all of that and he. the digital media that's around and see. the time were these exotic romances. of coral polyps that keep it keep it. strong and I'm alive so they in a sense. going up north to jaffna going to places. mean there is a narrative thread that. big way whether that's something that.

very romantic one and it was a time of. confront and think about and actually. runs through the book which which is why. some historical basis follow that but it. sri lanka the war came to an end in 2009. actually structured and dominated by. riots and pogroms against tunnels in. 1aae551883

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